“Skeptical” coming soon to all platforms!

“ALKIEN is back with another heavy-hitting track [DISMEMBERMENT]; this time with a HUGE festival banger. The dark atmosphere and chilling vocals set the tone for this creepy, yet energetic and brutal track.” – SKIO MUSIC
ALKIEN blasted on to the Hardcore scene in January of 2020 with his first self release of “The Fourth Kind EP”, featuring the fast paced and hard hitting track “Chaos”. Hailing from San Francisco, CA, he hopes to bring more recognition of the European style of EDM known as Hardcore, to the United States.
ALKIEN pulls no punches when it comes to his gritty hardcore style.
With a dark and twisted mind, he sets the tone with creepy, dynamic atmospheres and bone chilling stories.
Proving his hardcore sound with relentless intensity and brutality…

Enter inside the ALKIEN mind.